About Us

We empower individuals and businesses through digital technology.

Based in Maitland NSW, servicing all of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter. We want digital technology to empower individuals and businesses. Not only is it frustrating when technology stops working, but the digital market place can be also confusing to business owners trying to grow their business online.



Our approach

ena digital is a comprehensive technology service provider. From digital marketing strategy, to the creation of websites; right through to technical support, data driven decision support or fixing computers. ena digital is your one contact for all things digital.

We believe that digital technology is truly one of the most powerful transformative forces in the world. Yet often businesses and individuals find that everything is too hard, "it's all greek to me".

Our approach to this set of problem comes in several forms: 

  1. Business services: Providing businesses with expert digital technology services and solutions for their entire suite of technology. 
  2. Individual services: Providing individuals with expert digital services that help get them back online. We believe it's critical to ensure that not only businesses remain online, but also individuals have the capacity to effectively utilise their own technology.
  3. Consultancy and training: Is your website not performing well? Want to improve your rank on Google? Should you use social media for business or how should you use social media? We aim to demystify the digital technology market place and help you better understand how to generate more value yourself.

Don't worry about anything digital any longer. Get in touch and find out how we can help.