Hello World


We're pleased to announce that the ena digital website is now live! 

In order to pull together this website, we wanted to do something completely different. After almost 10 years of developing with PHP and the LAMP stack, we decided to jump ship and try out the MEAN or a Nodejs stack.

The reason for this was that by moving over to a Nodejs stack we believe we're in a better position to implement many more types of software projects, other than just websites. Be they raspberry pi sensor systems with a web GUI or mobile applications. The MEAN stack seemed to resonate best with the broad variety of use cases we expect to encounter in our digital journey.

Also, we recently attended the MongoDB.local event down in Sydney and were blown away by the development and database design paradigms that we could embrace. As well as the rate of adoption of the MongoDB database technology.

Learning these new technologies has been really fun and we look forward to mastering all of their nuances in the coming years.

Side note:

At ena digital, we frequently utilise the word "we". When to be honest, there is only me, Andrew Stace who currently works here, and although I'm a passionate technologist who loves creating positive interactions between people and digital technology. The reason I choose to use "we" instead of I, is because I believe it more honestly reflects my work.

I didn't develop MongoDB, I didn't develop Nodejs, I didn't develop chrome, javascript, google analytics, Adwords, Facebook, the WWW or the internet. Using "we" constantly reminds me of how empowered I am as an individual by all of these wonderful technologies produced by others.  I wouldn't be able to perform the digital technology transformations and solutions if not for the work of others, and so "we" encapsulates this privilege.

Special mentions: 

This website is powered by Keystonejs. A Nodejs CMS developed by the awesome team of developers down in Sydney, Australia at Thinkmill. Their framework is elegant, simple to learn and because of the way the underlying system is built. The CMS builds itself! This means that we just needed to focus on the front end of the site and ensure that everything we did was correct, and then Keystonejs takes care of everything else. Keystonejs is still a fairly young system with a growing community, but many updates coming down the pipe in the coming months.

We also wanted to pull out few special animations for the home page and background layer. Special thanks go out to the following codepen authors:

  • @franky https://codepen.io/franky/
  • @hiro https://codepen.io/githiro/
  • Smoothie.js http://smoothiecharts.org/