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ena digital


Websites, Digital Marketing & Technology Support

Ena Digital is a comprehensive technology service provider. From digital marketing strategy to the creation of websites; right through to technical support and data-driven decision support. 

Your one contact for all things digital. Think about your digital presence and products. Grow your digital presence and attract more customers. Create new websites & digital systems.




Expert advice on how to approach your digital presence.

Analysis: Baseline your presence and know exactly where you are online.

Strategy: Determine how to manage risks and which mediums to use.

Understanding: Develop your understanding of how digital technology works and how it can be positive for your business.

Grow Digital.

Grow your digital presence and maximise returns from your digital assets.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Grow your organic search presence to create affordable and sustainable website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Rapidly create digital presence, boost website traffic and compete for the top spot on Google.

Social Media Marketing: Reach out and continue the conversation with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other social media platforms.

Create Digital.

Custom or template solutions tailored to your requirements.

Websites: Our business websites can get digitize your business. They look amazing on mobile, they're super easy to make changes once live and have almost all the pages/features you would expect.

Web Applications: Looking for something a little bit more custom? Our web applications are created for your exact requirements.

System Support: Don't struggle with inefficient work processes, unreliable network performance & computer systems, we can help optimise and fix your technology.

data love.

At the heart of our services is the desire to understand, measure and deliver value.

This focus is the base of our "valuable understanding" concept. Valuable understanding means that we can put numbers against our activity and quantify success. Helping you understand that we're delivering value and helping us navigate our services towards what is valuable. It empowers both of us to be making smarter, data driven decisions.

Static reports are perfectly fine for communicating this quantified success. But we can develop live, dynamic and interactive presentations and / or custom dashboards. This approach gives you valuable understanding right down to the most recent data capture, be that seconds, hours, days etc. We can begin to read the pulse of your digital technology.





Digital Strategy

Everything needs to be aligned with a plan and or strategy. 

Plato says, "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something". At the core of all of our services is a deep yearning to understand why. What's the point or value of our work? How best can we maximise the value of your digital technology?

It's detrimental to us as a service provider and you as a client to simply engage our services to create a website or digital marketing campaign. Without first understanding what the point of that website or campaign is. 

Before beginning any projects we believe that it's ultimately beneficial for all stakeholders to spend sufficient time developing a "valuable understanding". Not only does this help maximise the upside opportunity, but it also helps reduce the downside risks. As the discovery/thinking process often illuminates risks which were completely unknown.

Once the understanding is considered "valuable", we develop a project plan or a strategy that governs the way forward.


It's all greek to me!

Digital technology is powerful when it's working and frustrating when it's not. But working or not, individuals and business owners are often left thinking and feeling that it's all Greek to me. We believe this is partly due to the pace at which technology moves and by the services available in the digital marketplace.

Traditional service providers provide solutions for certain parts of the digital puzzle. Traditionally IT don't specialise in web development, web development isn't acutely aware of digital marketing and digital marketing isn't typically familiar with the underlying technology. 

This is not to say that there's absolutely an issue with traditional service providers solutions. We're sure that more often than not, they deliver quality, professional solutions. However more traditional providers will ultimately have their vision of solutions limited by this fragmentation of digital service offerings. Furthermore it's probable that traditional providers will shirk responsibility onto other providers. 

On the contrary, as feasibly as possible, we work through and solve problems at their root. We see digital technology issues being more connected than not and embrace this challenge. We observe digital technology as a big web of common technologies. From data analysis to creating websites, to digital marketing and right through to technical & decision support. We're devoted to creating positive and valuable human interactions with digital technology.


Technology Love.

At ena digital, we simply refer to most things as "digital technology". Where digital technology simply means anything with electricity, ones and zeroes flowing through it. 

We don't distinguish where IT services ought to start or stop, or where the web services and digital marketing out to begin. About 10 years ago the border between Web and IT was more obvious. Now, most things have transitioned and or are transitioning towards the cloud (Google, Azure, Amazone etc) platforms. Not only that but a business's digital presence and physical presence is becoming more and more blurred too. Thus digital marketing campaigns ought not to exist purely in a digital space, they need to connect and be connected to the real physical world.

This means that a large amount of functionality and presence that used to be offline, internal or managed locally is now on the web or internet and managed remotely. Thus at ena digital, we believe it's easier for you to get the contemporary digital services you're after by simplifying as many digital services as possible down to one ("ena" is Greek for one) service provider. One digital technology service provider for all things digital.